Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Collection for Spring

Resin, crystal and glass with silver encased in glass beads from Italy
Resin, metal and pearl with a few lava beads for texture

While the weather is cold I am marshaling my enthusiasm for staying indoors and making more beautiful creations.  The wool necklaces are now in black and grey - so soft and the colours are sensational.  I liked the grey so much that I am experimenting with crystal and resin for a dramatic look for Spring.  Then I stumbled across a "lava" bead which is just gorgeous - the texture is sensational - photos do not do them justice.  Friends who have seen these necklaces want them now - said they cannot wait for Spring.  I better get some more beads....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Experimenting with Wool and Beads

Fell in love with the most beautiful wool that has silk bauble type pieces woven into the strands. Soft, glamourous and funky all at once. Mix this with resin beads and you have a unique creation. I have made 2 in black - one is mine and I will never give it away - I wear it so often and the comments are uplifting. The other I made a few weeks ago for a friend as she was so kind in driving Design Girl all the way to camp.  Then I experimented with grey and black - so warm and stylish!

Have a look and see what you
think of this design.