Friday, April 26, 2013

She is SPECIAL ... let her know

Mums Grandmothers Yiayias Mothers Grannies 
they all deserve a tribute for being the financial wizard, gardener with special skills relating to flowering and citrus trees, tutor (often in multiple languages and subjects), caregiver, go to girl in medical emergencies, cuddle distributor, bus/taxi/van/small car/ big car/ various-coloured car driver and navigator, food ingredient coordinator, chef with food entertainment skills, IT manager, mobile phone APP store director, cinematic and electronic device censorship board member, sports activity fundraiser, hairdresser, couture costume coordinator working within limited time and financial resource allocation project, internal and external chemical colour application specialist sometimes referred to as painter ... there is a necklace in our range for each of these wonderful women. 
 Hope that all these amazing women have a great day on the 12th of May.