Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Remodelling and Repairs

A lot of people find it hard to locate someone who will undertake to remodel or repair semiprecious or costume jewellery.  Jane and I have been collecting beads for over 20 years so we have a "beading box" that is filled with exquisite and quirky beads.  Coupled with the desire for a challenge we are finding that we are having a lot of fun remodelling jewellery for some of our customers.  Here is one that we are doing this week.

 This is the necklace before we started. 
The vision is to change it and create 2 new necklaces from this orginal one
which has hundreds of tiny seed beads in a fabulous coral colour.

We have now seperated all the stands and are removing some of the beads
 from one stand and transferring some of the beads to other strands
so the the lengths of the stands will vary.  Thereby giving a graded effect.
The honey coloured beads will be turned into a completely seperate bracelet.
We will post photos to show you our is a labour of love.

The finished necklace ... or should we say one of the necklaces... we are now working on creating a second necklace from the beads that we extracted from the original.  Another labour of love.  Our client was totally thrilled with the transformation and
we will show you a photo of her modelling her new pieces...soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's ... Grandmother's ... Yiayia ... Nana ...Grandma Day

To all the wonderful mums, mothers, grandmothers, yiayias, nanas, grandmas, stepmums, stepgrannies we wish you a most special day from the NeckSpice team.  Hope that your day was filled with fun, family and some yummy pancakes.  Here is a small slice of the perfect Mother's day for the NeckSpice girls...a "real" sleep in, flowers, some handmade cards and time to experiment with some new beads...heaven.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Ladies Wearing our Hippie Beads

Positive feedback can feed your creative soul for a while...saw some friends this evening you have succumed to the power of the gorgeous hippie beads in our collection.  They are wearing them "around town to all sorts of events"... their words not mine.  Jane and I will be floating on this comment for some time.  These are some of the colour combinations ... only limited by one's imagination.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

50th Birthday NeckSpice Magic

A family member turned 50 recently and she is totally gorgeous.  She adores the NeckSpice colours and textures so we chose something from the multicoloured range, and a soft woollen "Clove" necklace to add some more tjuz to her wardrobe.  Complemented with a silk scarf.  Have a look at our creations to celebrate this groovy chic's 50th.

The birthday chic's little girl also had a special number birthday so we designed something especially for her to treasure.  Butterflies just seem to make girls happy and they look great with denim.