Sunday, December 19, 2010

Young Design Assistant

Today was a very special god-daughter visited and she fell in love with our bead collection.  She was determined to create a special piece for a special person.  She would not leave our home until the necklace was finished.  So together with the guiding hand of Design Girl they completed the following piece.  I am biased but I think it is very funky....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

NeckSpice Launch

Our hobby has officially turned into a lifetime passion...and now we are selling our creations.  We had so many lovely beads that we decided to have a "launch" of our 2010 collection during a swish morning tea in November.  It was so much fun to show our friends what we had been working on throughout the year.

NeckSpice Industrial Button collection

NeckSpice Kids Collection - very groovy

NeckSpice Resin...
a runaway success

Our husbands said that we did more socialising with our friends, drinking cups of tea and nibbling cake and pink biscuits than selling necklaces...that is not true!!  Our childrens range sold out and we are now busy making the 2011 childrens collection.  We have also bought some gorgeous beads for the adults range for 2011.  We are now busy making new designs with the aim of showing them in early 2011.  Keep peeking at our blog for updates on these new designs...but for now have a look at the pictures from our launch.

NeckSpice Ribbon Collection
YES...YES...we enjoyed the biscuits and tea too!!