Saturday, April 5, 2014

Express your personality

They say that jewellery is a visual extension of your personality and a form of self expression.  This is true in our third necklace redesign for our friend Justine.  Not only did she spend a lot of time with us redesigning her vintage pearls into a new necklace, she even made the signature bead.  Yes she handcrafted the large bead that is intricately covered in golden seed beads.  She is a corporate high flyer who loves to use her fine craft skills as a way to unwind.  This golden bead is such a wonderful representation of her personality - warm, strong, bright, intricate, creative...the list goes on.  Do you have a bead in your collection that expresses the essence of you?

Antique pearls now with a modern vibe
as we have incorporated
crystal, resin and that
gorgeous handcrafted seed bead