Monday, March 24, 2014

Caring More About Our Precious Heirlooms

As we were redesigning the second necklace for our client we were discussing
 the value of heirlooms and how they connect you to the past. 
That great feeling that you get from knowing that a loved one has worn these pearls, crystals, faceted glass beads and passed them down to you for new memories to be created. 
Then today we read a really interesting and inspiring article by Wendy Squires about cherishing fashion - we feel that we are cherishing jewels.  By remodelling them we are respecting the past and now giving them a new lease of life for a modern world. 
So after numerous cups of tea, a few chocolate biscuits, lots of laughter,
more biscuits and tea -  we present the results of our work.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Redesign Complete

The first in a series of 4 necklaces that we are redesigning is now completed.  We had enough beads to also create a bracelet ... delivered to the client this evening.
 Have already received the "i love it so much" phone call. 
That is what makes this design journey so enjoyable...

...and the gardenias are so beautiful and fragrant
at the moment.  Could not resist using one in this photo. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Remodelling Pink Quartz

Birthdays are special ... and so a friend's husband surprised her with a NeckSpice gift of remodelling 4 of her precious vintage necklaces.  We started working on the first one last night.  Gorgeous pink quartz from the 80s which have broken and are now in need of an update.  We are experimenting with inserting beaded and crystal beads so that the quartz have a modern statement.  Have a look at our progress...

We experimented with different beads in different positions
 and a number of clasps until we settled on a diamond encrusted magnetic clasp
 to give the new necklace a real lift...

As the length will not be as long as the original necklace...and we are adding
some beads...there will be enough pink quartz
to create a bracelet to complement the new NeckSpice creation, fresh, updated and groovy!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NeckSpice Moochies & GirlyGirls at LOL 14

NeckSpice joined forces with the wonderful Moochies pyjamas and GirlyGirls hairbows at
Lauriston Out Loud '14 on Sunday for a day of fun and festivities.  The weather was sensational, the music was groovy and the food ... awesome. 
We loved sharing a stall with such bubbly and fun people and hope to do it again soon!
Thank you to Sally and her team of volunteers for the
best rockband/school fair/day out on the green.  Some snaps of the day.

NeckSpice girls in pink, GirlyGirls bows in black and
Moochies Pyjamas in orange

Check out the Moochies website before the Winter weather sets in...the NeckSpice hippie beads in coral, green and blue are just like the Moochies colours for 2014.  One word - divine.