ARCHIVE : Gallery of Necklaces

 Archive : Gallery of Necklaces

All the pieces in our collection are unique. 
So when we make one for you it will be within the style that you chose
 but as a one off creation.

If you wish to purchase a necklace from NeckSpice please contact us at or

The cost of necklaces start at:

$25.00 for the Butterfly Collection
$55.00 for the Clove Collection

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2011/ 2012 COLLECTION


Inspired by the Past

Flutterby Butterfly

Peaceful Butterfly

Kids Chilli Butterfly Collection

Butterfly Quartz

Quirky Fun Butterfly

2010 - alter to suit your style collection

2010 Flexible Style with detachable rings
black glass, silver and resin

Buttons Are Beautiful Too

Not Just Black for 2010
wool, wood and crystal

Clove with "Silky Seaweed String"

YES YES .... Black is IN for Spring 2010

My Audrey Hepburn Look
mauve and clear resin and crystal

2010 Melbourne Go Anywhere Necklace
black glass, grey resin

Melbourne Cup
 pearls and crystals - girls you have to get ready early!!

Summer quartz and glass

Ivory coloured and wood with amber coloured resin

Industrial metal beads and extra large designer pins

Wooden girl is a favourite

Fun with amber coloured resin and gold


Crystal and .....crystal

Close up Crystal

2009 - I LoveYou Bangles - resin

Orange resin and glass

My "take me from work to dinner" piece
silver, glass, resin and crystal

Wooden beads with small amber resin ones at the back

Custom made for a friend...her beads were so unusual

Birthday Wishes for a Close Friend
via pearls, glass, crystal and white smoky quartz

Testing the Spring 2010 collection
squiggly metal beads, glass and beads made from volcanic lava !!

Classic pearl, black glass and clear quartz

Coral inspired and crystal

2009 Purple pearl, wood and crystal design
 made for a special friend in Sydney

Necklace and braclet - pink and clear crystals

Funky design 2009

2009 Summer
Cannot stop using those beautiful
 blue tumbled glass and crystal beads

Made for a young girl - 2009 Winter

Made to match gorgeous shoes
2009 Summer collection - semiprecious stones,
 green resin and glass

Summer 2009 - twisted blown glass in white with crystals

Close up of a favourite piece

Crackly glass effect and semiprecious stones

Red coral coloured resin and glass made for
 my MUM...a huge fan of our designs

Amber glass with antique topaz pendant


1: Tumbled glass and semiprecious aquamarine

2:  Red and silver 2008 collection

3:  Multicoloured 2008 collection


1:  Black and Brown Felt, resin, crocheted beads

2:  Brown felt, wood and blown glass beads

3:  Autumn colours - resin, crystal and crocheted

4:  Green resin, crystal, unique

5:  Black resin, silver, crystal, glass
6:  Tumbled blue glass, silver,
green woven and resin beads
7:  Orange resin, red glass, red woven beads
8:  Multicoloured totally unique
9:  Amber resin and wood
10:  Blue tumbled glass, faceted glass and silver
11:  Honey coloured resin
12:  Semi precious aquamarine, tumbled glass
 and blue faceted glass
13:  The "ruby" red creation
14:  Red and Brown crocheted, brown glass
 and wood

15:  Christmas gifts in green and clear crystal

16:  Delicate Lavender

17:  Mauve glass and crystal for a special teacher