Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aquamarine for Spring

I have had some great aquamarine beads sitting in my bead box for 18 months....I tried numerous designs and none seemed quite right.  Then Jane with fresh eyes looked at them, took them home and "fiddled" with some designs - she created the following necklace.  Just divine for Summer. See it is true when they say 2 girl brains are better than......

Aquamarine Spice for Summer

Then as our creative flow was happening we stumbled across some felt beads that I had sourced last year.  Jane was so taken with the colours that she has designed a whole range of multicoloured necklaces with these felt beads as her focus point.  Do you like them?  Let us know.

They are felt but look so so so real....brings back ones childhood

One of the designs in this new range

Friday, October 8, 2010

Elegant Pieces Rejuvenated

The news about our ability to rejuvenate jewellery is spreading.  Friends and family are now looking at favourite pieces of jewellery that might need an addition or some repair and bringing them to us for some TLC.  Have a look at these wonderfully exotic necklaces that we recently repaired for a friend.  It was fun and satisfying working on these 2 necklaces.  At the same time the colours have inspired us to create more multicoloured NeckSpice items.

After ...the NeckSpice Magic

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sport and Jewellery

Is it possible for jewellery and sport to come together elegantly.  YES.  On Saturday 2nd Oct 2010 Melbourne found itself in the grip of AFL Grand Final Fever (again...).  Whilst Jane and I do not directly barrack for either Collingwood or St Kilda we have close family members who wanted to be decked out in black and white.  Inspired by their commitment to their team and because I adore black, white and red, I turned my attention to jewellery during the game.  YES...there were eyes rolling (sounds of disbelief that I would allow my eyes to wander from the honoured screen) as I toiled to create this necklace.  I am experimenting with a merger of the butterfly and the clove themes.

I have some sensational red silky wool that I am going to incorporate into the next necklace for obvious reasons.  Maybe Jane and I will try and do an AFL range of jewellery to bring a bit of stylish girl power to this sport....