Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tania's Creations

Something special for a friend who turned 40: In 2007 a friend who is sooooo stylish was about to turn 40.  I could not find the exact necklace that would suit her so I let inspiration take hold and this was the result.

She loved the design and I showed the photo to other friends who asked if I could make necklaces for them.  This encouraged me to expand my bead collection.  My children (Design Girl, Cricketer and Mini Comic) all loved the idea of mum designing necklaces - they requested that I make some for their teachers as end of year thank you gifts.

I had to source more beads and my repertoire of necklaces was expanding all over the dining table.
The designs are archived according to the date that they were made.  Have a look at the collection and see how it has changed over the years.

2007 - Life's Little Teasures - Inaugural Charity Dinner

My first real collection of necklaces was designed and created in 2007. A friend started up a charity called "Life's Little Treasures" which supports families that have a premature baby. I asked her what gift the LLT committee would be providing to the guests attending the inaugural dinner. She indicated that it would be chocolates - "nice" I said, but we need to add something groovy as a thank you to all these wonderful supporters. I suggested that I make 11 necklaces and that each table be presented with one necklace. The LLT committee placed a dot under one plate on each of the 11 tables and then the MC (Matt Tilley from FOX FM no less!!) announced that if you had a dot you also had a beautiful piece of jewellery to take home as a thank you gift. That was my gift to the LLT committee and in return I was overjoyed to meet 11 people who raved about my jewellery. One gentleman in particular was so thrilled that he would be going home from what was technically a "work" dinner with jewellery for his wife. I was overjoyed at the reaction to my jewellery.

The necklace that the gentleman raved about that I made for Life's Little Treasures inaugural charity dinner

Have a look at the rest of the collection:

This looks like licorice allsorts - it is made
with folded felt and crocheted beads

These crocheted red beads were
 so time consumming to create

Racy Red
The multicoloured creation was a big hit.
It will feature again in the 2010 collection

Tumbled blue glass and crystal resin - timeless piece

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