Sunday, August 7, 2011

NeckSpice Debut on Channel 10

We have some exciting news about our necklaces - one of our woollen and crystal necklaces (the Clove design) made its debut on The Circle (Channel 10) on Friday morning (5 August 2011) – it was worn by Jane Kennedy (in the yellow and black).  Jane came to our first launch last year and this is one that she bought.  She has chosen quite a few more NeckSpice pieces from different areas of the new range and will be wearing them in the next few weeks – so stay tuned to The Circle for more NeckSpice magic.  We were so excited about having a necklace on such a fun program as The Circle and .....on National TV – We are still floating 10 feet off the ground!

 Here is the link to the episode:

 There is an advertisement first and then the show starts.... so persevere and it will come on.

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Elva said...

Jane Kennedy's Neckspice necklace looks fabulous.Very unique fashion accessory.